Corporate Programs

Business Partnerships

Nichols College is more than just the college of choice for business and leadership. We’re a dedicated community partner, filling our local talent pool with eager, experienced professionals. And we’re your partner, too, offering consultation, professional development, and customizable on-site educational opportunities to help your team grow and succeed.


The Nichols College Master’s Immersive Consulting Initiative (MICI) brings a team of talented graduate students together with local professionals like you under the supervision of expert professors to build successful business plans that move the needle. Our graduate students are eager to help with strategic planning, marketing, efficiencies, and more at absolutely no cost to you.

Past collaborators include the Worcester Bravehearts, the Winding River Rehabilitation Center, Work Without Limits, the Girls Scouts of Southeastern New England, and Realizing Children’s Strengths.

Professional Development

Give your leadership team access to the essential skills training it takes to accelerate your operation. We use a strategic, hands-on approach, utilizing interviews, presentations, and mentoring to teach operations, strategy, time management, and other practical skills tailored for your specific industry space.
Learn more about our professional development work with Fidelity Bank.

On-Site Education

Our professors are available to teach classes in your space, with on-site bachelor’s, master’s, and certificate programs that can be customized to meet the needs of your business. We’ll help your most passionate employees grow personally and professionally.

Learn more about our on-site education agreement with Wolf & Co.

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Kerry Calnan, CMA
Vice President of Innovation & Institutional Effectiveness
Associate Professor Accounting & Finance

Collegiate Partnerships

Nichols College is proud to partner with local and global institutions who share our passion for business and leadership education. We offer credit sharing, transfer, and accelerated programs to coincide with your mission and vision.

Partnering Schools

Maastricht School of Management

Embark on a short term study abroad opportunity at the Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands while earning your Nichols graduate degree. This exciting 6-week opportunity will get you out of the classroom and onto the international stage.

Worcester State University

Earn your Criminal Justice bachelor’s at WSU while starting your Master of Science in Counterterrorism at Nichols to accelerate your education and your career.

Springfield College

Take 7 master’s credits in your senior year at SC to earn your Master of Science in Accounting with just one additional year of schooling.

Regis College

Regis students can earn up to 7 master’s credits at Nichols College in their senior year, reducing the amount of time it takes to earn a Master of Science in Accounting or a Master of Science in Counterterrorism to just 1 additional year.

Mass School of Law

Students working toward their JD can share up to 9 credits between MSL and any Nichols College graduate program.

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Beth Piuze

Mentor Opportunities

As a business leader, your wealth of wisdom and experience has become integral to your community. But there was a time when you were just starting your journey, and when your mentors shared their time and expertise to help shape your success. If you’re in a position to give that same gift of mentoring to some of today’s brightest grad students, Nichols’ Mentor Program might be just the opportunity you’re looking for.

At Nichols College, we see ourselves as community partners, developing the talent that will keep our local economy strong and ensure you always have a reliable, confident pool of business collaborators to choose from. By participating in our Mentor Program, you can take an active role in that partnership.

Our graduate students are working hard to earn the skills they need to make a positive change in their lives. Students enrolled in our MBA, MSOL, MSA and MSC programs are encouraged to choose mentors from our pool who can provide the real-world coaching they need to help them navigate their professional journey and grow as people. With you as their mentor, these future leaders are sure to succeed.