Master of Business Administration

Our MBA degree is designed to meet your needs with customizable tracks to help you grow as a person and as a professional. Raise your career to new heights with an exciting focus in Human Resources, Project Management, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, or Critical Thinking. Want to push yourself even more? Earn a second master’s degree in record time with our stackable credits.

Successful Professionals


When you bear the ultimate responsibility for success or failure, your team needs to know that you’ve stayed current on the latest business trends and tactics.


Connections make the world go ‘round. If you bring people together to get amazing work done, an MBA can help refine with advanced communications and decision-making skills.


Who has your dream job right now and what did they have to do to get there? Our MBA takes you beyond business and dives into how to manifest your best self.

Why Earn an MBA?

Each person has a different reason for pursuing their MBA. While an MBA degree is a great way to build leadership skills and learn business principles, it can offer you much more. This Harvard Business Review article explains the benefits of an MBA, ranging from a stronger professional network, access to job opportunities, and a bigger paycheck.

Hot Jobs for MBA Degree Holders

  • Marketing manager
  • Medical and health services manager
  • Management consultant
  • Financial manager
  • Business operations manager
  • Information Technology Director

As I was approaching the end of my MBA experience I realized I was more confident, more prepared, and ready to take on the next step in my career.

— Jason Destratis

Choose your MBA Degree Track

As an MBA candidate, you can choose your electives based on a certificate track, which will focus your master’s in one of five business and leadership specialties.

MBA In Critical Thinking

Creative problem solving and dynamic decision making are at the heart of every successful venture. Across all industries, employers are looking for their leaders to evaluate and resolve issues with creativity, strong communication and realistic considerations.

MBA In Cybersecurity

Across all industries, leaders need to understand the realities of today’s cyber threat landscape. This focus is a non-technical track that teaches leaders to integrate cybersecurity best practices and protections into organizational planning.

MBA In Data Analytics

Data drives business decisions at all levels, and employers need educated professionals who can interpret and analyze information. You’ll learn to provide insight, detect problems, and add value across industries when you focus on Data Analytics.

MBA in Project Management

Certified Instructors provide adaptive planning and value-driven delivery utilizing Agile frameworks. Learn to solve project challenges in scheduling, risk, scope and cost which is needed across all industries.

MBA in HR Management

Human Resources is central to every successful operation. As working environments become more complex, employers will need dynamic HR solutions to meet the changes in employee relations, workplace law, diversity, and performance management.


Stackable credits make it easy to graduate with a dual MBA/MSOL degree! With just four additional classes, you’ll add vital skills to your portfolio, including negotiation, conflict resolution, innovation, and change management.

How will your MBA help you make the important changes?

MBA Courses

Common Core (12 credits)

MBA Core (15 credits)

Certificate Electives

Critical Thinking (9 credits)

Cybersecurity (9 credits)

Data Analytics (9 credits)

HR Management (9 credits)

Project Management (9 credits)