Master of Science in Accounting

We collaborated with top local employers to design an MSA that goes way beyond CPA prep. Our program dives deep into the career skills you’ll need to thrive, blending technical accounting and data analytics skills like IDEA, ACL, Power BI, and Tableau with communication, negotiation, and human factors coursework. You’ll graduate with a well-rounded skill set that will take you confidently into the future.

Convenience is what truly sets Nichols College apart from many other schools. I have the ability to continue working full time and the choice to participate in lectures remotely or in a traditional classroom setting; all while simultaneously working towards both an MBA and MSA!

–Nourhan M. Abusalah, MBA/MSA Candidate

Successful Professionals


Blending leadership and accounting skills to wield the ultimate responsibility for ledgers, payroll, budgeting, tax compliance, and more. All in a day’s work.

Security Analyst

Using data to solve the puzzle and maintain order on behalf of public and private employers whose success depends on your knowledge.


Forecasting cash flow and financial stability for historic and planning purposes. Good treasurers are at the heart of every great for-and a non-profit venture.

Why Earn a Master’s in Accounting?

A Master’s in Accounting is worth it because it will provide you with the problem-solving and strategic decision-making skills you’ll need to thrive in the accounting industry and eventually become a high-flying certified public accountant (CPA). Find out more about the benefits here.

What advantages does an MSA have over an MBA?

Master’s in Accounting Courses

Common Core (12 credits)

MSA Core Courses (18 credits)