Gabrielle Gingras ’25


Nantucket, Massachusetts

Class Year:



Digital & Social Media Marketing



Eight Questions* with Gabrielle Gingras

1. Why did you choose Nichols?

I chose Nichols because of the outstanding variety of opportunities offered for young women finding their way in business, as well as the overall feel of such a tight-knit student body. I knew from my first time on campus that there would always be resources and support within my community, as well as endless potential for creating long lasting connections with alumni who are always willing to guide us through the challenges of establishing ourselves within our careers with confidence.

2. In what extracurricular, leadership or athletics activities are you involved?

I currently am a Student Assistant on our Marketing/Communications team here at Nichols, whilst simultaneously fulfilling the role of Traveling Photographer for our esteemed athletic teams, and Social Media Manager for our baseball team. Additionally, I am a member of the Nichols Drama Club, spearhead a self-initiated Experiential Internship within my Leadership Challenge course, and have recently began my for-credit internship as a Content Creation and Digital Marketing Manager for a well-known brand.

3. Tell us about a favorite assignment or project at Nichols and why it remains memorable.

Using the skill set I acquired throughout the course, we were tasked with directing/producing a short film and were given almost complete freedom with the tone, intention, and end result of our films. I was able to showcase my most creative side as a Digital Media Marketing student, while still being held responsible to learn each platform and software to the best of my abilities. It was also a blast to just run around campus filming silly videos with my friends!

4. When and where are you happiest at Nichols?

I am happiest at Nichols in our beautiful Dance/Yoga studio. After a long day of classes, work, editing and homework, I love most to walk over to the studio, plug my phone into the speakers, and do some calm-down stretching with a stunning view of the sunset reflecting behind me through the glass walls overlooking our field. The best part is that it’s open for free use a majority of the time, but there’s also free yoga classes or meditation nights for when I’m really feeling the pressure during finals week.

5. What are your plans after graduation and how has Nichols prepared you for your career?

Following graduation, I plan on enrolling in our Plus-One program to obtain my Masters degree over the course of one extra academic year. I am currently in the process of setting up a summer internship, which will evolve into a further qualified position post-grad, with the NHL as a Digital and Social Media Marketing Assistant. The networking events offered to us absolutely aided in preparing me for this future position, as that was where I met my connection to the company now. The Professional Development Seminar courses also provided me with the guidance, knowledge, and preparation to face such a high-stakes, competitive interview with the utmost confidence in myself and my capabilities.

6. What do you consider your greatest Nichols achievement?

My greatest Nichols achievement would have to be what I am currently experiencing as a student photographer. Seeing our teams social media using my content as a photographer is so rewarding, and the opportunities that have since opened up to me because of the support of both the Marketing Dept. and our Athletic Dept. has only further proven my skill set as a reputable and well-backed asset here on campus.

7. Describe your Nichols classmates in three words.

Supportive, Innovative, and Ambitious.

8. What advice would you give to future Bison?

Own your confidence – don’t hesitate to reach out to professors and fellow students. We’re all excited to help you succeed. Make the most of the resources available to you; they go beyond just getting through assignments. Apply what you learn beyond the classroom. And connect with your professors beyond the classroom – they’re a goldmine of knowledge. Trust me, you’ve got what it takes to make a mark here.Welcome to Nichols!

"Why eight questions? Nichols College is ranked No. 8 nationally among undergraduate business schools for salary potential by Payscale."

Hometown: Barre, MA

Class: '24

Major: Corporate Finance & Investment

Minor: International Business